Congratulations on using the most comprehensive Pilot training system available for real and virtual aviators flying Light Sport Aircraft. This is a training system for learning to fly, passing your FAA knowledge and practical tests, and becoming a safe and confident pilot. Don’t be intimated by the number of materials. You’ll easily progress through them in a logical and sequential order as provided in the HAMILTON PILOT TRAINING SYSTEM (HPTS) Training Syllabus and Workbook.

Hamilton Pilot Training System

If you are not familiar with the HPTS, you can learn more about it at HAMILTON PILOT TRAINING SYSTEM and purchase the HPTS materials at The system is designed to provide three options for students:

  • Integrated flight training and ground school (Ground school and learn to fly simultaneously)
  • A self directed option
  • Classic ground school

Integrated flight training and ground school

With an Integrated Flight Training and Ground School, the instructor uses the training syllabus to take the student through flight and ground lessons simultaneously.

Self-directed Option

Students using the self-directed option simply follow the flight and ground lesson plan assignments in order. When you meet with a flight instructor, you will have the background to progress quickly and efficiently through their flight training and have most of your classical ground training completed. This is an efficient method for those who are constrained with time or economics. NOTE: For those looking for the answer keys for the stage questions, click on these links to download:

Classic Ground School

The classic ground school to learn the aeronautical knowledge and pass the FAA knowledge test, uses all the ground lesson plan assignments plus the flight lesson plan assignments specified by the ground school instructor.

Private Pilot

This system also provides options for a Private Pilot license (Part 3) by obtaining a Sport Pilot license first, or start training as a sport pilot but deciding to obtain additional training for Private Pilot.

Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor CFIS

This system also provides Sport or Private pilot training for a Sport Pilot Flight Instructor certificate (Part 4).

Study Materials Overview and Summary of Program

  • Stage 1 First Flights – Learn to Fly You’ll start reading selected chapters in the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Aircraft Flying Handbook. Multimedia materials are the DVD’s – Learn to Fly,  How to Preflight, and Weather to Fly for Sport Pilots.
  • Stage 2 Flight Maneuvers and Aeronautical Knowledge to Solo Continue with additional chapters in the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Aircraft Flying Handbook.
  • Stage 3 Student Pilot – Regulations – To Cross-country Begin to use the FAR/AIM and finish the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. You’ll also begin to use the flight computer, plotter and sectional charts.
  • Stage 4 Preparation To Pass the FAA Knowledge and Practical Tests Use the separate CD “Private pilot/Sport Pilot Prepware” to study for the FAA written test you must take– the FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test. Then use the “Sport Pilot Check Ride”  book, “Sport Pilot Checkride DVD”, as well as the FAA Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards (PTS) FAA-S-8081-SPORT to prepare for your checkride (or practical test, as the FAA calls it), to obtain your FAA Sport Pilot certificate and logbook endorsement.

This aviation-elearning course provides the tests for stages 1, 2 and 3. banner2